At Castle Hill, we are aware that our place on this earth is temporary, and no one person is more or less entitled to resources than the other. It is the example set by Jesus himself when he showed compassion and charity to those in need and less fortunate.

Castle Hill Ecclesia has undertaken to support the established efforts of the ACBM in their mission work. Further, the Castle Hill Ecclesia has chosen to sponsor Edith Home of Hope (India) via Agape In Action



Located in South India, this home supports 23 elderly who have been abused or abandoned and 13 children who are orphaned or unwanted. These orphans are in desperate situations without help but at Edith home, they find peace, love, and have their basic needs taken care of. There have been 4 baptisms of the elderly in the last year at Edith Home of Hope, which provides shelter, food, medical, bible education, and a hope for the future.

100s of children’s homes in India have been closed down by government as they are pro-Hindu and don’t like the children’s homes run by charities, as they are mostly Christian and convert the children. This is really sad and needs our prayers.

Video of info on Edith Home of Hope: